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Our Introduction/Mission/Services/Yoga Field


Yoga is ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and soul. The practice of Yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves the functioning of the respiratory , circulatory and hormonal system. Yoga brings about  emotion stability and clarity of mind . Today yoga is the perfect key of total health (Physical, mental and emotional Health), The significance, advantage and importance of yoga is being accepted by every one of our society.

In the practice of yoga the ultimate aim is one of  self development and self realization.


PYEMI-SGNR’S Main Motto & Mission is “Healthy & Happy India” So PYEMI-SGNR is conduced of word class recognized university which offer yoga Courses. The main goal of institute is to promote yoga in field of education, health & employment through yoga- coaching so that “Yoga* Could be assimilated to yoga- Disciple perfectly by dedicated, well-qualified & perfect team of PYEMI -SGNR.

P-YEMI -SGNR'S Services

* To promote Yoga education.
* To promote Yoga for health.
* To provide Yoga courses related to education & health offered by university & institute.
* To organize Yoga camp.
* To operate Yoga classes.
* To establish Patanjali-Yoga Health Care Center as per need in D,T,P category.
* To help in national programs.

Yoga for self

yoga=Healthy-Happy-Long life

Yoga as Career

Early in future there will be a great scope in yoga field
* There will be a need for yoga teacher in every school.
* There will be a need for yoga expert in every Hospital.
* There is a great opportunity with smart package for yoga expert in abroad.
* A yoga expert can run a private & Self organized clinic and may earn
Rs. 10000 50000 Per Month.

Yoga after retirement

The knowledge of Yoga helps to make active and fit after retirement that provide an opportunity for social service in field of Yoga which be a cause of great respect and happy healthy long life.A man can also be a Yoga health advisor after retirement if he has certified Yoga Course.